Western Union and a Good Shrink

Well, it’s about time for a new entry, I guess. Sam’s still working doing temp jobs, but a better one again –after losing his awesome looking day temp job due to lack of work (they liked him –there just wasn’t enough to keep busy), he’s started another one that looks good, is close to home, and has possibilities to be permanent. Also, we’ve made the decision that second shift jobs are permanently OUT. We just have way too hard of a time communicating and being a functioning family on that schedule. My week this week looked kinda like this: Monday -Sam starts new second shift job. On my birthday, after we’d made plans for the evening. Yay, sort of…. Tuesday -After a horrible day, we decided second shift jobs are not working. I wind up feeling like a single parent, getting the kids up and to bed by myself (the two hardest parts of my day), and eating dinner with just the kids. Sam winds up sleep-deprived and feeling like he’s never here. Wednesday -Sam’s employer kindly says they like his work, and offers to change him to first shift. And there was much rejoicing. Thursday -Sam gets the tummy bug Elanor had Saturday night and winds up missing work and in bed all day. Friday -Sam is still too sick to go back to work, and I’m figuring by now that his job is toast. But in the afternoon, his agent calls and says they still want him on Monday. And there was more rejoicing. So, that was my week, completely devoid of routine. I’m finding I miss routine. A lot.

Sam’s “possibility” at Calvin is no more, sadly. We got “The Letter” today. You know, the one that says, “Dear -enter recipient of formletter here-, You aren’t qualified enough or good enough to be here, but please don’t take it personally that we think you’re crazy for having applied in the first place…” Well, I was more disappointed than Sam was, which is a good thing, I guess. Some good news, though, is that we may be on our way to finding a mission organization to work with. Well, anyway, we’re talking with someone, and doing more dreaming-with-a-purpose. We’ve been kind of gravitated (by God, not necessarily by our own design or purpose) toward Native American/First Nations ministry since …well, I don’t know exactly when it started, but lately it’s been more obvious, with our experience in Arizona and our friend Greg. So, Sam went online and followed some links, and found a smallish (well, smaller in scope and personnel than Wycliffe) group in Canada. He sent them his generic “here’s what I want to do with my life –do you have something I can do for/with you?” e-mail, and they actually responded. Quickly, and with a personalized response. Several emails and a couple calls later, we’re thinking this may be it. I can’t give many details, mainly because, matching about everything else in our lives lately, it’s not cemented yet. Anyway, in summary, we’re finding more bread crumbs that may lead us to another piece of the puzzle. If you’re inclined, please send a few prayers our way concerning this. If this is Point C, and we’re at Point A, however, we still have the messy business of Point B (our remaining debt, and some other details) to clear up before we get there. In other words, unless God has an arrangement I don’t know about with Western Union and a good shrink, we’re stuck here for a while.

So, that’s the main update. We’re still basically steady-jobless and on the edge of destitute, but, hey! At least we know where we’re supposed to be going now! …Sarcasm was intended in that last statement, in case you didn’t catch that… I’m still dubious about the piecing together of all this. Faith doesn’t come naturally to me these days. The bills do manage to get paid, and there are groceries in the cupboard, so God is still showing himself faithful, even if I’m blinded to it in my own stubbornness. I’m glad grace doesn’t depend on me, or we’d all be in trouble.

Speaking of groceries, I’ve rejoined Weight Watchers. I just can’t figure out what’s not working, but what I’m doing definitely isn’t, so until I can figure it out, I’m doing something that I know DOES work. I still hate having to do a prescribed program to do this, but I need my health and I know from my family health history that it’ll be a lot easier to do it now than wait until after I’m 50 and diabetic and 40 lbs. overweight instead of 15 lbs over and kinda tired sometimes but with a good cholesterol level and a normal bp reading. I have to admit feeling a little silly sitting in a room with people struggling with a much larger battle than I have (I can still cram myself into my size 8 jeans, so it’s not so much a vanity issue as a health issue), but it also reminds me that if I don’t do something, that’ll be me in five or ten years. So, I’m back at WW, probably until I get back to where I should be, weight wise and mind-wise. I’ll keep you updated on that adventure. For now, though, I’d better get this posted and on to something else.

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  1. Hey. Yeah, having your hubby work second shift sucks. Juanito’s been doing primarily second shift since before our kids were born, and i am SO ready for him to find something else. It’s exhausting, having this weirdo schedule, because i always want to stay up and see him when he gets home, but then i’m wasted in the morning. Sigh.

    I feel your pain.

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