So, THIS is post 100.

I went back and deleted a post from wayback that I just thought I didn’t like so much any more (pause while you go back and try to find it… Okay, so not everybody is nosey like me. Anyway, moving on…).

So, this is post 100, on the auspicious occasion of being the last of 2009, providing I get this posted before midnight. It’s been a weird year, for sure. We’ve seen a lot of dreams come true (finally going with NAIM for a summer), and some of those dreams momentarily become a bit of a nightmare (Metlakatla. ‘Nuff said). And here we are, in a whole different state at the end of ’09, and in a whole different life situation. When the clock strikes midnight, we will be insured by somebody other than Medicaid for the first time since November of ’06, and, well, it seems we’re finally seeing the end of our three years of famine. I won’t say we’re blessed as if it’s some kind of new thing -we’re just blessed in another direction. We’ve learned a lot in these last hard three years playing the game of Musical Jobs and learning how to REALLY live on next to nothing. Okay… in the light of third world countries, not really even close to “nothing,”  but we got to learn to live on less than we ever imagined we could. And now it seems we’re on the other side of that, for now at any rate. Like Paul points out, we learn to be content with plenty and content in want. I’m just grateful that God’s giving us another chance to try out being content with more than enough again.

 …and changes. Yeah. We’re in Iowa. Sam’s teaching again. The kids are being homeschooled -there’s another thing I never thought would happen this soon, and I’m over the moon about it. We still love and miss Oostburg Christian, but we were also so grateful that God gave us this chance to keep the kids home this year and heal and bond in a new way as a family after a rough summer. The thought of having to put them into a new school situation after all the chaos they experienced this summer was not one I relished, so when the possibility of schooling the kids at home came up, with the assistance and accountability provided by Sam’s new “school”, Alpha Omega Academy, it just seemed perfect. 

Reading through the Lord of the Rings for the …okay, one time that I did, I couldn’t help but notice that Tolkien does a really good job of alternating the stressful chapters with restful ones. And I guess right now that it’s feeling like we’re in a bit of a Rivendell -a rest before the next challenge. We’ll just have to see what the next year brings, like always…