It’s a messy process, and takes more to get the hang of than you’d figure. I’ve referred before to the disaster that was my one college class in ceramics –I got out of that course exactly one pot that I still am proud of, and a few life lessons. One –there’s no therapy quite like a good pounding on clay when you’re working through some good anger and disappointment. Two –the importance of centering.

The first step in starting a project on the wheel (after working the clay to soften it and get out the air pockets –as I said, a wonderfully therapeutic process if you put some of yourself into it) is to center the clay. It’s a crucial step. Miss it, get it not quite right, and the entire process goes awry. The pot will come out off kilter, wobbly, and unbalanced.

See where I’m going with this already? Center your life on the wrong things, in the wrong place, and everything comes out wobbly. I’m in the midst of removing some wobbliness from my life, and I’d forgotten one crucial step in centering –pressure.

Somewhere in that semester, I realized that if you apply a good amount of firm, steady pressure to the clay, it will yield.

He is the potter, I am the clay.

And I think I’m feeling that steady, firm pressure.

Am I yielding?

Maybe not quite yet, but I’m feeling the wobbliness work itself through His wonderful, strong, messy hands, waiting for the moment that I begin to rise, running through His hands, strong and straight and true.